Maximise Spa Revenue - Embracing DIY Treatments to Enhance Customer Engagement and Retail Experience

As we travel around the UK visiting our spa customers, we've noticed that finding great staff is a common challenge. Heart breaking to hear operators say, "I could double my treatments if I had more staff” yet maximising spa revenue without therapists, during a cost-living crisis is a problem that we need to be creative with. With the current trend moving towards self-help treatments, limited interaction from therapists is something spas are considering more and more, as it's becoming ever more important to find ways to keep customers engaged in their wellness journey and not just with expensive thermal rooms.

One way to do this is by incorporating DIY treatments into your spa offerings. To make the most of this, we recommend setting aside some space in your facility, whether it's a thermal room, a relaxation space or a treatment room, to provide exclusivity to those looking to explore DIY treatments. This also presents an upsell opportunity for customers who want something more than just an experiential visit.

And, maybe it’s time we stopped looking at treatments as something that happens behind closed doors but one that could become part of the spa and self-care journey.

Most spas have a relaxation area and/or pool that are often underutilised. We suggest creating a small poolside reception retail space or self-care trolley (like a drinks trolley but with easy-to-use spa products) that can be wheeled around the spa to visit customers directly or even be used to visit rooms if you’re a hotel. You could also use this as an opportunity to upsell small gift sets or massage candles too but here are our top DIY treatment ideas that you can offer in public spaces:

  1. Eye and face masks, hand exfoliation and masks, and lip scrubs. Customers can choose from products that have a bit more theatre, such as mix-your-own masks, or sheet masks and light creams that are easier to administer.
  2. Dry salts for use under the rain shower or to add to a foot soak while waiting for their treatment.
  3. Offer a hair mask treatment using natural ingredients or provide a body scrub using a mix of sugar or salt and natural oils such as to exfoliate the skin in the steam room.
  4. Create a bath soak treatment to help relax the body, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.
  5. Offer a lip scrub treatment using a mix of sugar and natural oils such as coconut or olive oil. This can help to exfoliate the lips, remove dead skin cells, and leave the lips feeling soft and smooth.

By engaging with customers during their visit gives them an opportunity to ask questions, have a bit more fun and hopefully use the products and encourage them to continue their wellness journey at home. 

Ultimately, incorporating DIY treatments and enhancing the spa retail experience will give you an advantage over those that are closing off treatment rooms as they just can’t get the therapists.


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