Do Skincare Products Have An Expiry Date?

While product type may be the least of the influences on how quickly or slowly a skincare product expires, there are several environmental factors that can affect the expiration date of a product. For example light, heat, moisture, transmission of gases and microorganism contamination all have an impact. Storage in a cool, dry place with minimal exposure to water and oxygen can help preserve products longer.

The contents of your moisturiser may be good for one year if your product is kept at room temperature, but can last for longer if kept under refrigeration. Once opened bottles containing gels or oils should be better preserved in dark or opaque jars to minimise exposure to light.

Try to avoid storing your products in your bathroom and instead keep them in a cool, dark place away from unnecessary light to avoid oxidation and inhibit any bacteria growth. 

PAO (Period After Opening)

Due to oxidation and microbiological factors, skincare products need to be used within a certain period. In order to be mindful of this, every product is required to come with a particular drawing indicating the shelf life once the product has been opened.


On skincare products, you will find a PAO indicating how long the product will remain safe and effective for after opening. These dates are dependent on remembering when you opened the product so it can be useful to either write directly on the packaging the day you opened the product or keep track by writing a list of all of your opened products.

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