The Menopause: Let's Open The Dialogue.

13 Million*. That is the number of women in the UK alone that are currently going through the Menopause. Brushed aside, or mentioned in an awkward stage whisper ('The Change' - as if it were a Stephen King adaptation), we believe it's time to start talking -  and most importantly, understanding - more about the Menopause. With International Women's Day (8th March) and Mother's Day (11th March) just around the corner, we're celebrating ALL women. With our Partner Spas, we've launched a collection of spa treatment for Menopause, Periods, and Pregnancy in celebration of the female form. Here, we're going to share with you here how you can mimic the spa pamper in the privacy of your own home to help survive the menopause.



The NHS reports that the symptoms linked to menopause typically last around 4 years - however, 10% of women will experience symptoms for up to 10 years after their last period - a heavy sentence! It's essential to look after physical and mental wellbeing even more so during this time. With 'mood changes' at the top of the list, along with hot flushes, trouble sleeping, and anxiety, it's important to try and get a grasp on managing hormone fluctuations. Here's a few top tips to help with mental wellbeing during the menopause, and how to soothe mind & body at home.


Create a calm environment. Simple and effective - try some deep breathing. Start with a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil in a bowl of steaming water to calm and help balance hormones. Take long, slow deep breathes in through the nose: filling lower lungs, then upper lungs. Hold your breath, count to three. Exhale slowly, relaxing muscles in the face, jaw, shoulders and stomach.

Fight sluggish feelings. Stimulate and invigorate with a cooling body scrub. Try the Bladderwrack and Peppermint Body Scrub. With natural sea salt to buff away dead skin cells, and a blast of Peppermint will cool skin to help cope with hot flushes.

Body Massage. More relaxing if you have a willing partner - but you can self administer massage! After a bath or shower, massage skin with an uplifting & soothing oil. Try the Calming Massage Oil. Bursting with ylang ylang, neroli, roman chamomile and evening primrose to help balance hormones, calm anxiety and help to uplift. Also great for inducing deep sleep.

Cool hot flashes. Inescapable and highly inconvenient! Hard to get rid of, slightly easier to remedy. Stick a Resurrection Collagen Serum Sheet Mask  in the fridge or on ice for 20 minutes, and apply to cleansed skin. This will deeply hydrate and also intensely cool the skin. A spa favourite - it beats a soggy threadbare flannel, and will leave skin plumped and radiant, too. Bonus!

Restful Sleep. Trouble sleeping is a common outcome, thanks to increased anxiety, hot flushes and erratic hormones. To try and ensure a deep sleep, set the scene. Have a soothing, warm bath. Slather skin with Calming Massage Oil. Apply a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil  to a tissue or hanky, and place inside the pillow case. Finally, massage freshly skin with Dusk To Dawn overnight repair oil. With skin repairing & uplifting essential oils including rose wood, ho wood, neroli, star flower and bitter orange to promote a restful sleep. 

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*Source: Menopause UK

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