Natural skincare manufacturers LOVE bilberry extract. Why? Because Bilberry extract is a super natural ingredient that greatly benefits the skin for many reasons. Find out what bilberry extract is and why it’s good for you.


Bilberries are edible and delightful little berries that are native to Northern Europe. While you often don’t stumble upon bilberries in your local supermarket anymore, they used to be very popular during the world war era and before. Often they’d be made into jam, and a long time ago the jam was given to pilots before they’d go on a mission. It was said that the jam helped the pilot’s night vision, and in fact, according to research the pilots may have truly benefited from this.

Nowadays bilberries tend to be enjoyed as a tea, as it can improve the symptoms of diarrhoea as well helping to lower blood sugar level. While all of this is great, what makes bilberries good for the skin?


Bilberries can help facilitate healthy blood circulation by helping blood pass through our capillaries. This has a number of benefits. Blood removes bad things we really don’t want in our bodies, like waste or bacteria. Blood also supplies oxygen through haemoglobin, which keeps our skin cells alive, refreshed and able to breathe. Finally blood carries water which is very helpful for keeping the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will feel more smooth and clear.


Anything that has antioxidant properties usually contributes towards the efforts of preventing and fighting infection. Products that contain antioxidants are great for keeping the skin clean and reducing the breakout of spots.

Some research suggests that antioxidants are helpful to combat the signs of ageing in the skin, too.


Bilberries contain anti-inflammatory properties that are good for keeping down swelling. If our face is feeling a bit red, or perhaps if our skin is reacting to our stress, products with bilberry extract can help reduce the symptoms. This is why we recommend this Bilberry & Chamomile Peel Off Face Mask for sensitive skin.


Because of all of these properties, bilberry extract makes a great ingredient for a number of skincare and beauty products. But what bilberry extracts does best is face masks. A good face mask will release the benefits of the bilberry extract to your skin to keep it healthy, refreshed and clean. Bilberries are known to be a ‘super’ natural ingredient, because they bring so many benefits.

We’d love to know your thoughts. Have you heard of bilberry extract? Have you tried a product that contains this? Why not let us know in the comments below?


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