Spring '23 - Springtime Awakenings

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As we transition from the colder Winter months to welcome Spring it is a time to embrace new beginnings and rejuvenation in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes a new beginning can be as simple as awakening to a new day. Just as nature awakens in the Spring months, it is an opportunity to make Spring ‘time for you’, to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul after the harsh Winter months and reset for the coming year.

All new beginnings thrive through a nurturing environment. Just as mother nature provides essential nutrients for nature to flourish, we too need to nurture and provide essential vitamins and nutrients for our skin to glow. Awaken and energise fatigued Winter skin and embrace your natural beauty with vitamin rich skincare treatments to help nourish and support healthy-looking skin.

There is nothing more precious than time. So why not gift yourself time to rest, restore and renew your skin’s natural beauty from the Winter months of slumber and restore your inner and outer glow with our carefully curated selection of treatments.

Individual Treatments
Speedy Body Cleanse - 30 minutes
Vegan Illuminate Facial - 60 minutes
Ab:scent Mini Facial - 25 minutes
Easter Themed Add On - 10 minutes
Spring Detox Full Body - 90 minutes
Wedding Package - Pre wedding prep

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